Last update: 20/03/2018

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The EPS Database provides access to detailed structural, taxonomic and bibliographic information on bacterial EPS. Each EPS entry in the database is represented by the repeating unit structure and linked to various EPS structures expressed by different strains of the same bacterium. The EPS-producing organism, growth conditions for EPS expression and structure determination are likewise listed with literature links. Structural information is provided in the form of the WURCS, GlycoCT and BCSDB code when available. Finally, the EPS entries are linked to external databases such as the GlyTouCan international structure repository and the Bacterial Carbohydrate Structure DataBase.


The EPS Database is based on retrospective literature analysis, and links to original structure analysis are provided. The EPS data are accessible in its entirety with several ordering functionalities or by making use of one or more search filters including EPS-producing organism, strain, backbone and branch sequence, author and date of publication, and availability of functional (physicochemical and biological) and genetic data.


Authors are encouraged to deposit a newly elucidated EPS structure, which will be added to the database when accepted for publication. Each deposited EPS structure is checked manually. The attempt is to cover all bacterial EPS structures across bacterial organisms, so please use the deposit or contact function if we missed some. The EPS Database is available at no cost and requires no registration.